Your Childhood Holds the Key

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You know the frustration you feel when your child misbehaves?

It actually holds the key to EASIER parenting!

Maria Steuer

Be a Happier, More Effective Parent!

You love your children but there are times when you're feeling frustrated, bewildered, angry, worried, annoyed, scared and absolutely frazzled.

Renowned pediatrician and family therapist, Childhood Expert Maria Steuer has advised more than 20,000 parents on childhood behavioral issues. Now, in her new book and programs, Maria walks you through the surprising revelation that your OWN childhood holds the key to shifting behavior in your own children.

International Coach Bob Proctor - Endorses Maria Steuer
Bob Proctor Endorses Maria Steuer’s Book

“Your Childhood Holds the Key” is a must read for everyone. Through generational and environmental conditioning, we inherit the best and not-so-best traits from our parents. By the time we’re in grade school, the groundwork has been laid and our paradigm is set.

If a child is raised with praise, that child will grow up to be a confident adult. Conversely, if a child is raised in an environment where “no” is often heard, the child quickly adapts and stops asking questions and will quite often adapt an attitude of “no.”

Children should be encouraged to take risks, to think for themselves, to make mistakes, and to learn and to grow from their mistakes. “Your Childhood Holds the Key: How to Improve Parenting Skills” is the perfect guide for every parent to read to better understand their children and themselves.”

– Bob Proctor, Teacher in The Secret and best-selling author of You Were Born Rich

World renowned author Peggy McColl endorses Maria Steuer book
Peggy McColl Endorses Maria Steuer’s Book

“Maria Steuer has brilliantly shared her own wisdom, experience and understanding in a way that can truly save you years of time and help prevent you from going down a challenging road.

If you are looking for guidance that can help transform your parenting in a positive way, look no further than the pages of this wonderful book, “Your Childhood Holds the Key.”

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author

Parenting can be the meaningful journey it was meant to be.

It starts today with Maria Steuer’s down-to-earth quick solutions and ongoing, live support.

In this safe place, uncover simple truths that will help you and your child quickly find a meeting ground (no years of therapy required).

You will quickly grasp:
  • Your subconscious blind spots as a parent (until now)
  • Buried belief systems that have impeded your growth (that you can dissolve with ease)
  • What you view as faults in your children may actually be gifts
  • How to release your children and yourself from what used to be unconscious, unreasonable expectations to thrive and flourish as a family.
Maria Steuer - Childhood Expert
The best positive parenting books by Maria Steuer - Your childhood holds the key plus workbook
Maria Steuer

Your Childhood Holds the Key

The book, "Your Childhood Holds the Key: How to Improve Parenting Skills" helps you quickly gain insight into why you think the way you think while developing the clarity you need to release your children and yourself from unreasonable expectations so that you can thrive and flourish as a family.