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Do you sometimes feel like you’re slowing yourself down?

Do you sometimes feel like you get into similar situations over and over again?
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The online course offers space and a framework in which you can deal with your problems in an intensive and protected way. 

A course lasts 12 weeks and includes exercises, personal, weekly coaching meetings online (Zoom) in small groups for 1 hour. Individual coaching sessions can of course also be arranged.

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I have perceived Maria as an honest, sincere and inspiring personality. With her optimistic attitude, she has been working for decades to pay more attention to the vulnerability of early childhood and the connection between childhood and quality of life in old age.
Rüdiger Rogoll
Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist & Author
I know Maria because we have a common interest: The enormous and life-defining influence of childhood on the social climate in our society concerns us both. We need more attention in our society to the conditions in which children grow up. Mary is very dedicated and has a special way of bringing people to the source of their relationships and feelings. I wish her the best in bringing about a paradigm shift in our society.
Jay Belsky
Professor of Human Development at the University of California, Davis, Child Psychologist & Author

My name is Maria Steuer, I am a pediatrician, systemic couple and family therapist, school doctor, author, online coach (in German or English), mother of 3 children and grandmother. If you understand the connections between childhood experiences and your behavior today, it is easier to influence your life in a positive way.

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