The Answers You Seek Can Be Found In Your Past


In her long-awaited new book, Breaking Your Loyalty Contract: Shattering the Mirror Effect Between Parents and Children, Childhood Expert Maria Steuer invites you to explore why issues from your own childhood are being reflected back to you through your child’s “misbehavior.”

When behavioral issues come up, you’re not actually battling your child’s behavior. You’re battling your own childhood, the expectations of your parents, and the subconscious contracts of loyalty you formed to your parents!

Sound complicated?
It’s really not.

It doesn’t take years of therapy to discover the counterproductive ways of thinking that you unconsciously formed in your childhood. As you turn the light on your own childhood, you can easily see yourself and your child in a new light and deal with his or her behavior in a way that brings joy and growth to your relationship.

Maria Steuer serves as your guide and show you the tools that can be easily implemented to bring about amazing change in a short amount of time. You will be able to find what works best for you from your unique upbringing and current day-to-day interactions with your child.

Set Yourself Free!

Breaking Your Loyalty Contract provides you with a set of engaging tools and empowering exercises to bring about amazing change in a short amount of time. You will be able to find what works best for you from your own unique upbringing and current day-to-day interactions with your child.

By exploring your childhood and understanding why you think the way you think, you’ll gain a crystal clear understanding that behavior exhibited by your child need not be labeled as “bad” simply because your parents labeled it as such when they saw it in you.

(How refreshing is that?)

“Maria is a family-oriented and sincere pediatrician and family therapist who dedicates herself to the real needs of children with much energy and boldness.”

– Steve Biddulph is an Australian author and psychologist
who has written a number of influential bestselling books.

“In working with Maria, I experienced her as a gifted therapist with an eye for the essential. She is empathetic and helps clients successfully on their way. She is flexible and able to take unusual paths.”

– Sabine Lück, Psychological Psychotherapist, Instructor & Author

“I know Maria because we have a common interest. The enormous and life-determining influence of childhood on the social climate in our society concerns us both. We need more attention in our society for the conditions in which children grow up. Maria is deeply committed and has a special way of bringing people to the source of their relationships and feelings. I wish her the best to bring a paradigm shift to our society.”

– Jay Belsky, Professor of Human Development at the University of California, Davis, Child Psychologist & Author.

“I have perceived Maria as an honest, sincere and inspiring personality. With her optimistic attitude, she has been committed to paying more attention to the vulnerability of early childhood and to the connection between childhood and quality of life in old age for decades.”

– Rüdiger Rogoll, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist & Author

Crisp, Concise, To the Point

Maria Steuer has structured Breaking Your Loyalty Contract so its chapters are brief, to the point, and concise. In fact, the entire book can be read in a single setting.  This allows you to absorb and understand the probing lessons and tools shared by Maria more easily.  

The compact format of Breaking Your Loyalty Contract also makes it simple to revisit and review chapters and sections that resonate with you most. 

Know Your “Why”
and the “How” Will Follow


The beauty of Breaking Your Loyalty Contract is that it is definitely NOT a “how-to” parenting book.

How-to books usually offer cookie-cutter parenting solutions that tempt you to compare your results to those that can be achieved “according to the book.”

This can cause you to judge yourself too harshly and sway you to believe you’re not a good parent when in fact you are.

Instead, Breaking Your Loyalty Contract encourages you to explore your childhood to discover “why” you think the way you think as a parent.

At the moment you understand your “why” your “how to” method will flow into your heart and be uniquely your own.


Emotional Nourishment Is Vital


Breaking Your Loyalty Contract is a beautiful permission slip to explore your childhood and your family dynamic. The journey you undertake will be inspiring and transformative.

Step away from generational regulations, well-intentioned advice and family constraints.


When you do, parenting your children will become the joyous journey it is meant to be.

“The book is very exciting with lots of eyeopeners. It’s great to understand the context of what my childhood has to do with how I act today. I know so much more about myself.”


“Since I have been trying to better understand my own behavior and deficits, I also understand my child’s behavior better and can deal with it much more calmly.

I no longer ask myself what is wrong with my children, but I ask myself more and more often what I can learn from their behavior. Now I grow on my children.”


– Aileen, mother of 3



“A super effective coaching for all situations in life. It has opened up new sides for me both professionally and privately that I would never have reached in this way. The coaching is very good and easy to implement in everyday life and immediately gives you a better “I”! Many thanks!”

– Claudia



I’ve been working with Maria Steuer for a while now and I can honestly say that she is a person of integrity. Her passion and knowledge of children is obvious and her ability to explain how my childhood affected my children throughout their lives was enlightening. It is wonderful working with her, and I expect a long and rewarding relationship with her.

-Pat,  Canadian Business professional and entrepreneur


breaking your loyalty contract

Maria Steuer

Breaking Your

Loyalty Contract

Breaking Your Loyalty Contract invites you to explore why issues stemming from unspoken loyalty contracts with your parents are reflected back to you through your child’s “misbehavior.” You’ll gain insight into why you think the way you think and develop the clarity you need to release your children and yourself from unreasonable expectations so you can thrive and flourish as a family. 

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Breaking Your

Loyalty Contract

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Maria Steuer, The Childhood Expert, is a renowned pediatrician and family therapist based in Germany. She specializes in examining the root cause of childhood behavioral patterns. Maria has experienced the ups and downs of raising three of her own children, and as a doctor for Germany’s education system she has advised more than 20,000 parents on childhood behavior issues.

Her mission today is to help parents around the world realize how their own childhood experiences influence their habits, expectations, and belief systems. She also helps parents understand how they unconsciously transmit these habits, expectations, and beliefs to their children. Read more

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