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Childhood Shapes Your Life

Childhood Shapes Your Life

Childhood shapes your life Childhood shapes your life. I think everyone can agree with that statement. How, in what form, and to what extent it does so, however, is not clear to anyone.   An example of how childhood shapes your life An adult young man of normal weight...

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Maria Steuer

Master Successful Parenting

When you're a parent, you can feel a whole range of emotions in a single day! Yes, without a doubt, you love your children but there are times when you're feeling frustrated, bewildered, angry, worried, annoyed, scared and absolutely frazzled.

In her decades as a renowned pediatrician and family therapist, Childhood Expert Maria Steuer has advised more than 20,000 parents on childhood behavioral issues. Now, in her new book and supportive programs, Maria walks you through the surprising revelation that your OWN childhood holds the key to gently stopping misbehaviors in your own children.