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Vastly Improve Your Parenting Skills in Just 6 Weeks

6 Weeks to Silencing Your Inner Critic

So many thousands of parents have come to me thinking they’re terrible parents. They think they’re failing as parents. They lost patience and react when their children are misbehaving. They judge themselves sternly for their various interactions with their kids. 

I understand.

As a parent, your inner critic can get the best of you, especially if you’ve promised yourself that you’re going to “do it differently” than your own parents did when they raised you.

Oddly enough, no matter the strength of your commitment, you’re going to find yourself repeating patterns you picked up from your parents as well as your actions and reactions you had as a child with your parents as you were growing up.  

That’s why I’ve written this 6-week program, Your Childhood Holds the Key. By simply looking back with understanding and wisdom, we can investigate our childhood as an observer would. 

Our childhood and even our parents’ childhood informed our experiences and beliefs. By attaining a new awareness, we’re able to change and heal from the core.  

You don’t need to practice unnatural parenting skills just to “fit” in. This is not a “how to be a better parent”course – this is a course that helps you bring to light deep-seated beliefs and practices that you’ve been unconscious to. Once you see them for what they are, it’s so much easier to shift to a place you CHOOSE to be instead of operating on programming that doesn’t work for you or your child.   

Stop Blaming Yourself. Start Enjoying Your Parenting. 

This 6-week program provides:
• Fast-reading, easy-to-comprehend lessons that will surprise you.
• Invigorating exercises that wake you up to deep programming you weren’t even aware of.
• Proven, SIMPLE steps to move into that ideal parenting role you’ve always wanted for yourself and your kids.
• Hourly LIVE Q-and-A calls each 0f the 6 weeks with me.

No Formulas or False Promises

If you’re ready to explore – with an open mind – how your family dynamics are impacting your parenting and adult journey, I’m here to help you create a NEW, lasting dynamic is just a matter of weeks.

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Your Childhood Holds The Key

a 6-week course with Maria Steuer

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  • Weekly lessons
  • Eye-opening exercises
  • Simple steps to vastly improve your parenting.
  • Weekly live Q-and-A calls with Maria Steuer (6 weeks total)


Please note that you will receive an invitation to each Q&A one week in advance and a reminder two hours prior to each session.

I look forward to growing my relationship with you.

Maria Steuer

Your Childhood Holds the Key Book and Workbook
Maria Steuer

Your Childhood Holds the Key

The book, "Your Childhood Holds the Key: How to Improve Parenting Skills" helps you quickly gain insight into why you think the way you think while developing the clarity you need to release your children and yourself from unreasonable expectations so that you can thrive and flourish as a family.


Maria Steuer is a renowned pediatrician and family therapist based in Germany. She specializes in examining the root cause of childhood behavioral patterns. Maria has experienced the ups and downs of raising three of her own children, and as a doctor for Germany’s education system she has advised more than 20,000 parents on childhood behavior issues. Her mission today is to help parents around the world understand how their own childhood experiences influence the habits, expectations, and belief systems they try to instill in their own children.

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