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Interview Maria Steuer

“The Childhood Expert”
Pediatrician, Family Therapist, Parent Educator

Maria Steuer is a renowned pediatrician and family therapist based in Germany. She specializes in examining the root cause of childhood behavioral patterns. As a doctor for Germany’s education system she has advised more than 20,000 parents on childhood behavior issues.

Her new book, workbook, and interactive 6-week program, Your Childhood Holds the Key: How to Improve parenting Skills, invite parents to explore why issues stemming from unspoken loyalty contracts with their parents are reflected back to them through their children’s “misbehavior.”

These resources empower parents to better realize how their own childhood experiences influence their habits, expectations, and belief systems. Maria’s insights help readers understand how they unconsciously transmit these habits, expectations, and beliefs to their children.

Maria Steuer is an engaging interview subject who captures audiences with her expertise on the mental tools parents can use to break subconscious agreements they have with their own parents and take back aspects of their personality they surrendered as children.

During an interview with Maria Steuer your readers and listeners will gain the clarity they need to:

  • Understand what’s in their subconscious blind spots as parents
  • Ask self-questions that dissolve buried belief systems that have impeded their growth
  • Recognize that what they view as faults in their children may actually be gifts

In addition, your audience will learn why they think the way they think about parenting.

They’ll also discover how to release their children and themselves from unreasonable expectations so they can thrive and flourish as a family.



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