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I wrote Breaking Your Loyalty Contract so I could help you explore why issues from your own childhood are being reflected back to you through your child’s “misbehavior. They shape your life as an adult

The book encourages you to discover how the unspoken loyalty contract you have with your parents may be influencing your parenting and the expectations you have for your children and yourself

Breaking Your Loyalty Contract provides you with a set of mental tools and exercises you need to break the subconscious agreements you have with your parents. 

This enables you to take back aspects of your personality you surrendered to them as a kid.

However, undertaking such a personal exploration of your past can be difficult emotionally. It can even be gut-wrenching. Especially if you go it alone! 

So why not set out on this journey with a group of like-minded caring people who are experiencing the same challenges you are.

Be Among Peers

When you read Breaking Your Loyalty Contract, you’ll no doubt have questions about parenting and family dynamics. 
Who better to discuss these issues with than fellow readers of the book and the author herself. That would be me, Maria Steuer.

Through my membership program you’ll be able to ask me questions directly and receive wisdom and input from other parents who’ve read Breaking Your Loyalty Contract

The group feels like a family that’s here to help and support you.

No Formulas or False Promises

 It’s important to note that group membership is not a gateway to “how-to” cookie-cutter parenting formulas that lead to “guaranteed” results. No legitimate educator would lead you down such a path. 

However …
…if you’re ready to explore with an open mind how your family dynamics are impacting your parenting and adult journey, you’ve found a home.


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Please note that you will receive an invitation to each Q&A one week in advance and a reminder two hours prior to each session.

Whichever level of membership you choose, I look forward to growing my relationship with you.

Maria Steuer

breaking your loyalty contract

Maria Steuer

Breaking Your

Loyalty Contract

Breaking Your Loyalty Contract invites you to explore why issues stemming from unspoken loyalty contracts with your parents are reflected back to you through your child’s “misbehavior.” You’ll gain insight into why you think the way you think and develop the clarity you need to release your children and yourself from unreasonable expectations so you can thrive and flourish as a family. 


Maria Steuer is a renowned pediatrician and family therapist based in Germany. She specializes in examining the root cause of childhood behavioral patterns. Maria has experienced the ups and downs of raising three of her own children, and as a doctor for Germany’s education system she has advised more than 20,000 parents on childhood behavior issues. Her mission today is to help parents around the world understand how their own childhood experiences influence the habits, expectations, and belief systems they try to instill in their own children.

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