Maria Steuer

What People are Saying…

“When you learn to release loyalty contracts with your parents that have tied you to limiting belief systems, you’ll be able to revitalize your relationships with your kids.” 

—Maria Steuer

“This book helps you to question your stuck behavior patterns!”


– Alexander Klassen

“Maria is a family-oriented and sincere pediatrician and family therapist who dedicates herself to the real needs of children with much energy and boldness.”

– Steve Biddulph is an international best-selling author and psychologist.

“In working with Maria, I experienced her as a gifted therapist with an eye for the essential. She is empathetic and helps clients successfully on their way. She is flexible and able to take unusual paths.”

– Sabine Lück, Psychological Psychotherapist, Instructor & Author

“I know Maria because we have a common interest: The enormous and life-determining influence of childhood on the social climate in our society concerns us both.

We need more attention in our society for the conditions in which children grow up.

Maria is deeply committed and has a special way of bringing people to the source of their relationships and feelings. I wish her the best to bring a paradigm shift to our society.”

– Jay Belsky, Professor of Human Development at the University of California, Davis, Child Psychologist & Author.

“I have perceived Maria as an honest, sincere and inspiring personality. With her optimistic attitude, she has been committed to paying more attention to the vulnerability of early childhood and to the connection between childhood and quality of life in old age for decades.”

– Rüdiger Rogoll, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist & Author

“The book is very exciting with lots of eyeopeners. It’s great to understand the context of what my childhood has to do with how I act today. I know so much more about myself.”



“Since I have been trying to better understand my own behavior and deficits, I also understand my child’s behavior better and can deal with it much more calmly.

I no longer ask myself what is wrong with my children, but I ask myself more and more often what I can learn from their behavior. Now I grow on my children.”


– Aileen, mother of 3



“A super effective coaching for all situations in life. It has opened up new sides for me both professionally and privately that I would never have reached in this way. The coaching is very good and easy to implement in everyday life and immediately gives you a better “I”! Many thanks!”

– Claudia



I’ve been working with Maria Steuer for a while now and I can honestly say that she is a person of integrity. Her passion and knowledge of children is obvious and her ability to explain how my childhood affected my children throughout their lives was enlightening. It is wonderful working with her, and I expect a long and rewarding relationship with her.

-Pat,  Canadian Business professional and entrepreneur


Your Childhood Holds the Key Book and Workbook
Maria Steuer

Your Childhood Holds the Key

The book, "Your Childhood Holds the Key: How to Improve Parenting Skills" helps you quickly gain insight into why you think the way you think while developing the clarity you need to release your children and yourself from unreasonable expectations so that you can thrive and flourish as a family.